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  • El Dorado Hills Town Center Gives Back

    If you celebrate Easter you know that it kicks off the spring season with fun family time and beloved traditions. Here at El Dorado Hills Town Center we have a community tradition, the Easter Eggstravaganza. This 2 hour event includes a massive Easter Egg Hunt with over 7,000 Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny, a magic show, face painting, a balloon artist, a DJ, games, and prizes. The community loves this event, and every year rain or shine new memories are made.

    This year we added a fun promotion to our Eggstravaganza, the Giveback Basket. This promotion was created by a local high schooler, Gianna Compagno. She came to us with this idea to raise money for a local non-profit, and we loved her vision. Gianna believes that our high schoolers need to set themselves apart from the rest of the world to score a position within the top US schools. She was hard at work leading up to the event and worked closely with the community and local businesses. She ended up with over 14 baskets donated by Town Center businesses, raising over $1,800!

    All proceeds from the Giveback Basket Promotion went to New Morning Youth & Family Services, a local non-profit devoted to enhancing the lives of El Dorado County youth and their families. Their main goal is to ensure the community is safe and all families that live here can thrive in the best environment possible. They offer counseling services and an emergency youth shelter.

    We are very proud to have hosted this promotion at the Easter Eggstravaganza and even more proud that the idea came from a dynamic, talented, youth in our region.

  • Whose idea was it to build El Dorado Hills Town Center?

    In June of 1979, Tony Mansour got a call from a friend that there was 8,000 acres for sale in the Northern California Foothills. Tony made the trip to see the beautiful land.

    “I’ll never forget that day. I fell in love with the place, within two hours I was writing a personal check,” recalls Tony.

    The deal took two years to close and in the end Tony and his partners took title to about 7,500 acres, known as El Dorado Hills. After working with the Urban Land Institute on his vision, Tony facilitated the much-needed infrastructure such as water, wasteland transmission lines and natural gas for El Dorado Hills. Tony’s vision always included a downtown for El Dorado Hills and with the help of his eldest son, Louie Mansour that is exactly what they began to do. By 1997, Town Center was started with two gas stations, a post office and a McDonald’s.

    In 2012 a partnership between Tony Mansour and Kevin Nagle became official known as A Project by the Mansour/Nagle Partnership. Town Center has become the official Downtown for El Dorado Hills, a gathering place for the community, which continues to grow and thrive with Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, and Premier lodging.

  • What is new about our website?

    El Dorado Hills Town Center is excited to launch a new website. The new website is designed to be user-friendly and full of helpful information to get you to where you want to go. One new feature to our website this blog, which will highlight both the history and future of Town Center, as well as what is currently happening. Another new and updated feature is our directory. Each business has their own page full of information such as business hours, menus, happy hour, brunch, promotions, website links, social media and more! Also, our event calendar has been updated to make it easier for you to see what is happening at Town Center on any given day. This new website is meant to be fun, interactive and easy to use. We hope you enjoy all the new features and visit us often!