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To Our Valued Tenants

With the businesses and offices at the El Dorado Hills Town Center recently re-opening, the Town Center East Ownership Association (TCEOA) wanted to reach out and reiterate some of our core values and beliefs based upon recent activity and events here as well as around the country. First, we unequivocally share great concern and stand with our friends in our community protesting racial injustice. There is no role for racism here, the United States, or around the world. We also understand that you may have questions as how you conduct your normal business activities during these events, while also standing and being sensitive to those protesting in the community.

We at the TCEOA will do our best to inform you of any protest activities and use our best efforts to ensure each event can occur in as open and safe an environment as possible. We hope we have demonstrated that thus far.

We also recognize that today more than ever, standing up against racism is simply not enough. We also stand up for anti-racism and ensuring that people of all creeds, colors, genders, religions, and other of the surface differences that make us so wonderful as a society, feel comfortable and safe in their experiences at the Town Center.

While you have the right to close your business during protests, you also have every right to remain open and have a constructive dialogue with those protesting as well, if you wish. The TCEOA supports an open and inclusive nonviolent environment.

You may also see an increased media presence at and around different events. While you are of course free to speak openly to whomever you wish, when it comes to the policies of the Town Center, we respectfully request that you refer any inquiries to the TCEOA offices to avoid any inaccurate information that may be accidentally shared.

TCEOA categorically repudiates and rejects any and all forms of violence and brutality. We also respect and understand that a peaceful society is an ideal society and we encourage a constructive dialogue between those who choose to protest and our community leaders and law enforcement. Open and candid communication is the first phase of successful resolution and outcomes.

As always, we truly value our partnership. We are here if you have any questions or suggestions as to how we at the Town Center can assist you throughout the reopening and the phases.

Thank you for reading this. Our community is a special place and believe we can all come together and even make it better. The TCEOA group is dedicated to this pursuit!

Kevin M. Nagle
Chairman, TCEOA